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Organize Events

Plan A Service Project

GenerationOn All  Find the tools and resources needed to organize service events in the community. Over 1,500 service lesson plans are available for all ages.
Youth Service America All  Provides online toolkits and trainings for events. They provide over $1 million in grants annually. 
Differences Magazine Age 14-22  An informative online magazine providing resources for teenagers to get involved in their communities and make a positive impact. 
White House Champion of Change All Learn from youth and adults about the importance of making a mark on the world. 
Young Heroes Award  Age 5-25  Get recognized as an Everyday Hero! This award is given weekly to a young person who serves their community. Nominations must be submitted by a parent, teacher or mentor.
Do Something  Under Age 25 Are you starting a project in the community? Check out this site for ideas! 
Rocket21 Age 8-16 Explore your dreams and discover new possibilities by discussing your ideas with professionals interested in helping you reach personal goals!

7 Ways to Engage Youth in Service

1. ASK

Ask them-very hard for people to say no and offer fun interesting and engaging opportunities like writing blogs, create PSA video, a volunteer photographer to document and post images, knitting or sewing, utilizing social media tools like Twitter and Facebook to promote cause. Think outside the box- offer DodgeBall Games or a Texting Contest as a way to raise awareness and funds for a cause.


Create and oversee junior boards or youth advisory councils so youth feel that they have input and the opportunity to contribute to the organization in addition to their volunteer role


Offer contests- highschool or middle school that collects the most nonperishable food items, or penny collection for a cause or the largest sorority, fraternity, honor society, football team that hosts a diaper drive


Promote and encourage community service scholarships(Prudential Spirit of Community, Kohl's Cares, AXA Community Service Scholarship, Coca Cola Scholarship) at the organization and/or even consider offering one from the foundation


Offer flexible and short-term volunteer opportunities. Tough for today's youth with academics, sports, music and clubs to commit to multiple hours. Collaborate with youth like basketball clinic for youth with autism through a partnership with Autism Speaks.


Come on site to the high school or community center. Lack of transportation poses a problem for youth- need envelopes stuffed? putting together first aid kits, organizing clothing from a clothing drive bring it to the campus and create contests or offer pizza- food works wonders with all volunteers.


Offer the opportunity for students to start a club on campus or at school. Contact the community service club at the high school and ask them to take on your cause. They are often looking for ideas and guidance.