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Njeri Jenkins

Njeri is going to be a sophomore at Steinert High School in Hamilton, NJ. She is currently involved with church events, concerts, Real Faith TV, working at carnivals and much more. She is also part of the National Society of High School Scholars, Who’s Who Registry of Academic Excellence and within the past year she has been a part of the drama club, choir, FBLA club, Black History Committee, JV girls Basketball, her favorite the track team, and part of a USATF AAU track & field team. She enjoys track and field, playing basketball, reading, volunteering, watching the news, and learning about the world around her. She aspires to attend a four year university majoring in political science and world history, later becoming a political analyst. For now she is sharing her views and looking to the future.

Brianna Moyer

Brianna attends Minerva High School as a junior, she works at her local Salvation Army, and she is interested in poverty awareness. She wants to go to college and become a motivational speaker to help kids stay out of trouble. Her dream is to start a organization in her town for poverty awareness and help people in need. She also wants to start a big brother big sister program in 20 schools. She has been a HOBY alumni and attends Advanced Leadership Academy. She wants to encourage more kids to get involved through programs like those! 

Jake Martin

An upcoming senior at Farrington High School, Jake is inspired by innovators that came before him, cultivating ambition and eclectic interests in order to inspire his peers and serve his community. In his freshman year, he participated in the A+ Program, serving as a tutor for students at Kalihi-Kai Elementary School. Jake is considered a role model among his classmates, regarded for his participation in T-shirt Theater, a program that teaches people how to "rehearse for life." They perform their repertoire in schools and for the public, helping to make ethics and life lessons more accessible to the younger generation. Jake is involved in many clubs, volunteering to help others. While he aspires to graduate from college, Jake also hopes to encourage others to value education and to pursue excellence. He is well on his way, as part of the nationally selective Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) Program.

Julia Sumouske

Julia will be a senior at Pueblo Centennial High School this fall and currently serves her school as Student Body Secretary and is the Vice President of Girls Cabinet. Julia recently finished a term of service as the Colorado Youth Ambassador for the international nonprofit, Youth Service America. She also established a nonprofit called, Colorado Youth! It’s in your hands, to recruit volunteers, seek donations and assist kids of all ages, to make healthy lifestyle choices and combat problems in their own communities. Julia aspires to be a physician, and just finished a high school student research apprenticeship with the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Looking forward, Julia hopes to empower youth, through VolunTEEN Nation, that seek to become the young philanthropists this country and world needs to be a better place live.

Sabrina T.

Sabrina is currently a rising high school senior balancing a heavy courseload of honors and AP classes along with her extracurricular activities including writing for the school newspaper and serving on both the student council and National Honor Society. She has a passion for spreading the spirit of service in the world through her volunteer work with local food banks, food pantries, and local schools. Sabrina especially loves being able to be a voice for the voiceless to shed light on issues that many people overlook in their busy lives. Her motto is, 'Service is not limited to homeless shelters and food banks, it is a virtue to cultivate in life on a daily basis through the little things, such as holding a door or picking up a dropped pencil'.