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Teddy Oh

Teddy is a sophomore at Sewickley Academy, President of the GirlUp club at her school, and a blogger for the Smart Girls Group.  She is committed to empowering girls around the world by advocating for education to reach their full potential to meet the many challenges facing them and to become global leaders.  She enjoys finding ways for teens to volunteer in their communities and at large. Through traveling she has found that all teens face similar struggles and have the same goals.  She hopes to inspire all teens to rise up and join her in finding a cause they're passionate about and making a difference.

Katy Ma

Katy is a high school senior from Pennsylvania. Currently, she interns at Givology, a grassroots organization that funds education projects and helps children worldwide receive the means to a quality education. Katy is also an activist at SPARK, an organization that fights against the sexualization of women and girls in the media. She founded the "I Am Proud Campaign", a project that encourages teens to share their stories, build self esteem, and embrace positive body image-regardless of the projections of 'beauty' constructed by mainstream media and advertising. As an Asian-American, she is fascinated by the study of different cultures and loves meeting people from diverse backgrounds. For fun, she enjoys music, painting, travelling, writing, and watching films. 

Kyra Seeley

Kyra is a junior at Middlesex High School in New Jersey. She is the President of her class, Vice President of Middlesex High School Key Club, and founder of the Club in her community. With her title of Miss North Jersey's Outstanding Teen, she is promoting her platform of Teen Volunteerism. Her goal is to get teens and young people volunteering and involved in their communities. In addition she is also a competitive Irish dancer. Kyra is thrilled to share opportunities with you getting involved in volunteering.

Amani Johnson

Amani is a senior at Southfield Lathrup Senior High School in Lathrup Village, Michigan. He is currently the president of a community service club that he started at his school called The Helping Hand, treasurer of his school's Interact-Rotary Club, and founder of a youth focused non-profit organization. He volunteers with a variety of organizations, but especially enjoys tutoring inner city elementary school kids. He aspires to double major in Political Science and Business Administration in college, obtain a law degree, and someday pursue a career in politics as well as entrepreneurship. He is thrilled to begin collaborating with his peers in order to empower youth and make the world a better place.

Njeri Jenkins

Njeri is going to be a sophomore at Steinert High School in Hamilton, NJ. She is currently involved with church events, concerts, Real Faith TV, working at carnivals and much more. She is also part of the National Society of High School Scholars, Who’s Who Registry of Academic Excellence and within the past year she has been a part of the drama club, choir, FBLA club, Black History Committee, JV girls Basketball, her favorite the track team, and part of a USATF AAU track & field team. She enjoys track and field, playing basketball, reading, volunteering, watching the news, and learning about the world around her. She aspires to attend a four year university majoring in political science and world history, later becoming a political analyst. For now she is sharing her views and looking to the future.