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Brianna Moyer

One of this month's VolunTEEN of the Month, Brianna Moyer, hails from Minerva, Ohio. Nominated by her sister, Brianna has a passion about volunteering and servant leadership, and this passion has led her to some pretty awesome experiences. For instance, one thing that both Brianna and I have in common is that we attended the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar, or HOBY for short, in our respective states. HOBY inspired Brianna because she "came back from it with better leadership skills." She "made great friends for helping."

In addition, it's really odd how opportunities in life come to us. Ironically, Brianna found herself working with The Salvation Army because of the HOBY program, and she has loved it ever since! Brianna decided to volunteer at The Salvation Army because she was attending HOBY's World Leadership Congress and needed 100 hours of community service to go, but she stayed with The Salvation Army because she sees the difference she is making in the lives of others. Also, Brianna has "made new friends and a lot of great new ideas" from volunteering.

What's next for Brianna? She plans to start a Poverty Awareness Week at her school to raise money for poverty organizations in her community. It's a huge issue where she lives. Moreover, she wants to start a mentoring program because drugs are a prevalent issue in her community, and she wants younger children to have a safe place to go. She is also planning a 5k race for people in wheelchairs. To take her skills to the next level, Brianna wants to become a state Future Farmers of America officer!

Brianna is definitely pursuing some amazing projects. She is ambitious about volunteering because "you are helping some problem or cause get better, and you get that feeling that comes with it and all the friendships you make." And I definitely agree! There is nothing like seeing someone smile because of you. Just think about it: You may be the reason someone has food for that day or has some sense of security, and that really makes it worthwhile.

To get so involved like Brianna, she suggests "you write down problems you see in your community and then start brainstorming how to help them, and there are tons of organizations that love seeing teens get involved!" Keep up the fabulous work, Brianna!