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An interview with Adhika Dwi Pramudita

Talented, determined, inspiring; these are three words I would use to describe Adhika Dwi Pramudita, a young, successful social entrepreneur in Indonesia.  Adhika is the business director of Media Pena Creativindo and the man in charge of Studentpreneur, a magazine that helps to inspire and educate young adults looking to go into business or start their own company.

Adhika lives in Surabaya and is a graduate of Ciputra University with a degree in Information Technology.  I had the privilege of speaking with him about and how he hopes to motivate others, what motivates him, and why helping the community is so important.

The magazine Adhika runs is titled Studentpreneur, and is marketed to young adults looking to make an impact in the world through business.  He hopes to inspire the readers by introducing them to other young adults around the world who have made a profound impact in their community, such as our own Simone Bernstein of VolunTEEN Nation.  He says that it is important for teens to have a role model to show them that they can succeed, especially when they have so many others telling them they can’t.  As someone who started his business at a young age himself, Adhika says he has experienced this obstacle firsthand.  In Indonesia, a young adult wanting to start their own business is really uncommon and looked down upon by parents and other adults.  “I want to make it more a feasible choice for kids to want to start their own business,” he said.

Adhika hopes that his readership will expand and that he can help more kids around the country get started on their own business.  In the grand scheme of things, his plan could help all of Indonesia become a more developed country.  He shared with me some information on how entrepreneurship can help a country become more advanced.  “We would need to have 4% of our population to be entrepreneurs if we wanted to be considered a more modern country,” he says, “But right now it’s only 0.2%.”  With the help of Studentpreneur, however, this number could start to rise as more and more young adults become inspired to start their own businesses.

So, what inspired Adhika to make such an impact?  “My mom really inspired me,” he said.  He wanted to be able to support his mother through his work.  His mother was very poor growing up, and she couldn’t go to school like her son did, but she is still well respected in their city.  “When she retired a year ago, all the newspapers had a story about her!” he says.  “It pushes me to make a big impact like her.”

Making an impact: this is something many of us hope to do in our lifetimes.  It’s a hope that this inspiring young man shares.  However, you don’t have to be a successful businessman to help your community.  “Sometimes we think ‘oh we can’t do this, I don’t have extra money to help people’.  If you don’t have money, use your body, your skills; whatever you can do.”  Adhika’s mother has been an inspiration to him in this aspect of life as well.  “My mom always said that we must give back because they need us.  My mom had experienced a tough life.  You have to help at least your neighborhood, your friends, whatever you can do for them.”  He also touches on how good it feels to help others and how happy it makes him.  “If you help the community, they will help you back.  It is good karma, and I really believe in that.”

Role models can come from anywhere, even in Surabaya Indonesia in the form of a successful young entrepreneur.  So, if you want proof that we as young adults can make a huge impact on the world, look no further than Adhika Dwi Pramudita.  His life of determination, selflessness, and inspiration is one that we all should look at as something to aim for as teens looking to make a difference in our communities.