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VolunTEEN of the Month: Katherine Ewell

Katherine Ewell is a high school senior who is passionate about writing, and already a published author of seven books.

At the tender age of 12, Katherine had fallen in love with reading, and discovered her talent for writing as well. The more she wrote, the more her passion for writing grew, and overtime, her ideas became the seven books she has published today. Her eighth masterpiece titled “Dear Killer,” is set to be to be published in 2014, adding both mystery and excitement to Katherine’s remarkable portfolio.

As a teenager, Katherine is just as involved in her writing as she is with volunteering in her community. She has volunteered as a tutor, helping to bring kids up to speed with their schoolwork and academics, to ensure that no kid gets left behind. She pushes the bounds of volunteering further through her work with organizations such as People Assisting the Homeless, and a local therapeutic writing center. At the therapeutic writing center, she dedicates her time to getting people more interested and engaged in the writing process. Katherine strives to be exemplary to other youth, and through her work as a volunteer, is proving she can do so.

Katherine is very ambitious about the future, and wants to keep writing and publish another book. She hopes to inspire other young writers who may not know where to start, and act as a motivation for people who want to take up the challenge of writing for themselves. She says the one writing tip she would give youths is “practice, practice, practice”. Although she believes this may seem obvious, she says, “Writing is an important skill that needs to be cultivated like anything else.” Katherine astonishes many through her impressive writing, and continues to inspire youths everywhere.