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Relay for Life

Morgan St. James started volunteering with Relay for Life when she was just 10 years old. Now, after four years of volunteering experience, Morgan St. James manages her own Relay for Life team, and is striving to find a cure for cancer.

All it took for St. James to get involved was a representative from her local Relay chapter who came to visit her school and spoke about getting youth involved. “I eagerly attended the first meeting, excited that I could possible make a change,” Morgan said. Her personal connection with cancer helped to fuel her volunteering fire. “I wonder about a cure. It’s not fair that one life among a million others has to be taken due to this horrific disease,” Morgan said. “I relay to save lives, and I relay so one day no one will have to worry about this illness.”

Not only does Morgan now manage her own team, but she was inducted into the RFL Planning Committee of Farmington, Connecticut this past year. “This meant more weekly meetings to fine-tune everything that needed work before Relay. I was also put on the entertainment sub-committee, and I along with a few other members, was in-charge of games and activities during the event,” Morgan said.

Morgan has used this intimate interaction to drive her passion and keep her motivated for Relay throughout the year. This past year, in order to raise money for her team and the American Cancer Society, Morgan participated in two fundraisers. “I had worked with the administration at Village Gate Senior Home; we held a car wash and a bake sale one day, and an auction and benefit dinner another day. These two events brought in over $1,400.”

Morgan has faced some struggles in her volunteer career with Relay for Life, but those struggles have not discouraged her from continuing on. And while she enjoys her cause and is deeply involved in it, she offers some words of advice for anyone struggling to make a difference. “To make an impact in your organization, I think you need to express your love for the cause you’re working for and contribute as much as you can. It’s an amazing feeling that you personally know that you are making a difference.”