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One Invitation Made a Huge Impact

In July 2014, I signed up for an incredible volunteering opportunity that completely revolutionized my perspective. I saw a simple invite on a Facebook group I was a member of asking for volunteers for something known as the World Kindness Youth Conference. However, I was completely unaware of the impact it would have on me.

The World Kindness Youth Conference is an event hosted by the organization Simple Acts of Care and Kindness (SACK). The organization was created by Shirley and Don Zink in 1999, after experiencing the loss of their child Steve to suicide. Their pain and grief was transformed to a mission to prevent bullying and promote goodwill to the next generation.

Each year, the organization puts on a huge conference to teach fourth grade students from around Southern California the values of honesty, confidence, and positive thinking. At the conference I attended, there were about six hundred fourth graders ecstatic to learn, grow, and have fun with their friends.

While I only assisted in food delivery, the event overall had a remarkable impact on me. From seeing the kids willingly help one another to the hearts of the coordinators; it became clear that this is a mission that’s revolutionizing the world. It’s more than just a four hour day to help deliver lunches, it’s a lifetime effort to spread kindness and hope to the next generation.

Each moment presents the opportunity to either be a victor or a victim. While losing a son is tragic in itself, the founders of Simple Acts of Care and Kindness directed their energy to providing hope across generations to come. With one simple act comes the chance to change someone’s life forever!

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