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VolunTEEN Nation provides teen experiences that make a positive impact on the world and in the lives of those around them.   

LifeLaunchr is a new website that helps teens take those experiences and turn them into greater self-confidence and better opportunities for the future!  LifeLaunchr has recently gone live and has received some rave (no – not that kind of rave) reviews from teen users ( and great interest from programs and schools that want to help teens create a more positive future -  for themselves and the world.  

LifeLaunchr has been described as “like LinkedIn” for teens.  It helps a teen collect important skills and life experiences in photos and words. It enables the user to combine those diverse elements into a powerful “Who I Am” presentation -  a personal storyboard. These “Who I Am” storyboards can be shared with peers and adults who can make a positive difference in the teen’s life – a personal “resume” or  passport for networking and opportunity.   

With LifeLaunchr, a powerful volunteer experience can become much more than a memory or a line in an application.  LifeLaunchr enables that experience to become part of a teen’s persona and self-presentation –reinforcing the value of the experience for the teen - and those with whom the teen shares their Storyboard.  

LifeLaunchr is excited to support the impact of volunteer experiences offered by and we hope to help the development of empowered teen-adults who will lead the way to a better future.  

Sign up at  Create and share your own “Who I Am” storyboard(s) that reflect important learning and experiences.  With LifeLaunchr – and experiences like those provided by VolunTEEN Nation – teens can create a more powerful presentation of “Who I Am”  -  and a better future for everyone.