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The plastic against my hands began to mirror the way people appeared to me. Brown hat, black shoes said, "Why are you picking up bottles? Ain't no thing gonna change the next person from throwing their piece of plastic onto the ground." The blue shield of the sky dimmed to transparency as I held my head a little lower, gripped the bottle a little lighter, and walked with a little less purpose.

They say every little thing makes a difference. But it's hard to believe without anybody supporting you. All alone on the field, I continued to collect anything that didn't belong: bottles, cans, or trash.

I decided that good company would be grand-- maybe we can fight the negativity together. I gathered a group of my friends and we went bottle hunting. We ended up with 14 large trash bags of just bottles and cans around the community. I was surprised to find that recycling these materials gave us money! We donated the money to a local youth shelter, in hopes of sharing the joy of keeping the community clean.