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Planting a Seed of Joy

Although I am very young, I have found that there is absolutely no certainty, but only opportunity. My Esophagus is connected to my Cardia with self-motivation and passion. I am purely made up of and function on these qualities. Every bone and inch in my body literally transmits to my brain that I can do anything as long as I truly care and believe. I believe and advocate this. I would like to assure you that I am capable of any task, and that what I lack for in knowledge I will certainly more than make up for with my effort and responsibility.

Over time, I realized that my small, finite hands amount to much more than I can imagine. Planting a seed of joy in my local community garden blooms trees of happiness! And in that, I mean that when I help my community, I not only share the wonders of hard work and labor with others physically, but I also assure my community that the youth are here to help in many ways. I volunteer because I can make others smile. I volunteer because I care for the community.

When I drip in sweat inside of my kitchen beside my other peers, we all complain together because our work is so incredibly difficult-- heating a pot of soup and cooking. I walk outside to take a breath of fresh air. And a child approaches me. He retorts, “I wish I had everything.” Eyebrows arched, ready to question, I open my mouth. I see pain like no other in his eyes, and I close my mouth and quiet my anger. The child pours his heart out, “I want to give everything to the people next to me. I want to help them. Can I help you help them?”

A child who wanted nothing but to help had nothing. So I ask why is it that we are so reluctant to help when we have everything?

The “spirit of volunteerism” is what we, the army of volunteers, will say when people ask us “why.” The “spirit of volunteerism” is what keeps us motivated. The “spirit of volunteerism” replenishes the community. Yes, that is what we will call it: the “spirit of volunteerism.” Giving time and labor is so simple, so easy-- we cannot give enough of it.

I volunteer because it is a privilege and an honor. If I had one wish, I would wish I could spend more time volunteering.