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Tips & Advice

Helping Bring in the New Year

Hey! You! Are you just moping around wondering what you are going to be doing on New Years Eve? Well look no further because I am about to drop the ball on some great ideas on how to ring in the new year in a way you have never done before! Giving back to your community.

  1. New Years Eve Party- Get a list of as many people as you want and throw a party! Put a donation bucket at the door and encourage people to drop a few dollars in for charity or wherever you feel the donation should go!

  2. Basket Auction- This is a great idea to tell Mom and Dad about! Tell them to host a New Years Eve party for all of their grown up friends, then tell everyone to make a unique basket of some kind. These can include adult beverages, sporting event tickets, spa day gift cards, you get the point. Then before midnight auction the baskets off to people and donate the money wherever you feel necessary! Just don’t keep the money or else you will be doomed and have bad luck for the entire year!

  3. YMCA game night- Partner with your local YMCA and ask if you could host a game night for all of the kids that don’t have any plans or who’s parents have plans but don’t have anywhere to leave their kids for the night. Volunteer you and a couple of your friends to discuss which games you want to have.

  4. Donate- Any clothes or gifts that you aren’t quite sure that you want can be donated to your church or Salvation Army. I am sure Santa will understand if you donate his gift.

  5. Bring Cheer to fellow Neighbors- Get a group of your friends together and run around your yard banging pots and pans when the clock strikes midnight! Let your neighbors know how excited you are that it is now 2014!! (adult supervision required)

Welp, there you have it. 4 and a half ways that you can help the community right before the new year! Don’t forget that you can also be creative and come up with ideas that you think would benefit your community and others around you as well! Don’t be shy!