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Tips & Advice

Children Helping Out

Many volunteer organizations tend to target older individuals to participate in their service projects. However, children should be able to help their community as well! Here are five examples of service projects for younger individuals.

1. Plant a garden. If you have a place at your house or local park, plan a garden! Go to the hardware store or WalMart and buy seeds for various fruits and vegetables. Plant the seeds and ask your parents for help or research how to take care of these plants. Water and feed the plants and then when they’re ready, pick the fruits and vegetables and donate them to your local food pantry or homeless shelter! You can learn a new skill and help people in the process!

2. Clean up your school. Every elementary or middle school needs a little pick-me-up and you can help! Contact your principal and ask them if you could help clean up your schools. For example, you can help paint the walls, plant flowers, clean their closets, etc. It’s an easy way to help and you’ll definitely know the difference when you get back to school!

3. Make cards for nursing home or hospital residents. Talk to your teacher and ask if you could make cards to donate to assisted living facilities or children’s hospitals. It will only take 20 minutes and you can bring a smile to someone’s face. When you’re in the hospital or living alone, any form of support will be very appreciated. Such a simple act can have such a huge impact on someone’s day.

4. Toy drive. Talk to your schools, religious communities, neighborhoods, etc. and put together a toy drive! Have your friends come and donate their old toys or ask their parents to buy new toys to donate to homeless shelters. You love receiving new toys or gadgets so children who don’t have many toys would be very grateful for these gifts.

5. Military care packages. Help support our troops! Make a list of things like candy, cards, small games, etc. to donate to our troops. When you’re away from your family fighting for your country any small gift from home will be a relief. Bring a smile to soldiers’ faces and tell them how grateful you are for their service.