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Tips & Advice

Honor and Respect

In the United States, we are known as the land of the free.  Our country has continuously fought for this to stay true since we got our independence.  We owe this to our military past and present. Many have dedicated their lives and families to keeping this country free from all enemies.  They deserve all the honor and praise from people like me who get to enjoy this freedom without sacrificing time training to become strong enough to get through the disastrous times.

To honor them, there could be different events that involve different parts of the community. One way to honor military past and present is to write them a thank you letter.  You may not know this person personally, but you can understand all the sacrifices they have made for this country.  Hopefully, when they receive their letter, it will put a smile on their face to feel like what they did or are doing was worth it.  

Another way to honor them is by helping their families by holding fundraisers that will raise money to give each family a small token of appreciation while their loved one is away.  Although their loved one is not present with them, it is important that they know that they are still loved.  I recently watched videos of soldier homecomings and it warmed my heart.  There could be an organization created that helps plan surprise homecomings so that everybody's heart can be warmed.  I think it will help bring the community together so everybody can join in the happiness.  

There also can be fundraisers for families who do not own things like computers or Internet to Skype with their loved when possible.  There also could be an annual festival where families can come together to support other families who have loved ones away.  They can be around people who understand what they are going through.  These are just small ways to help the community to come together while honoring soldiers and veterans.