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Tips & Advice

Animal Lovers Service Projects

When you think about helping animals, cats and dogs are the first to come to your mind, however there are plenty of animals that are not in shelters and there are ways you can help them. Here are a few ideas where you can help dogs, cats, and “wild” animals.

DIY kennel pad for dogs: Kennels are always in need of pads for dogs. When it comes to making a pad, all you need is a yard of fabric, a bag of stuffing, and a pair of scissors. This is a easy no sewing method that takes only 30 minutes! Gather a group of friends and make as many as you can in a couple of hours. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions:

Volunteer at a zoo: Think outside the box! Sure you can help at your local animal shelter anytime, but have you ever considered volunteering at a nearby zoo? You may not get to work directly with the animals, but how many people do you know got the chance to work at a zoo? Whatever assignment you receive will be a great experience.  

Create birdbaths: Set up makeshift bird baths around your neighborhood. Ask your neighbors if can you place them in their backyard or contact your local parks and recreation to see if you can place them in designated areas in parks. Place a small metal cake pan or designated area, fill the pan with an inch of water for the birds and refill it when the water is low. Place a small stone in the center for smaller birds. Clean the pan at least once a week.

Make bird feeders: By spreading peanut butter onto pine cones and rolling them in bird seed, you can make bird feeders! Hang these with string in the trees in your yard, parks, and other locations. Take care of the feeders and the birdbath during the winter and particularly through migration seasons!

Collect newspapers: Newspapers are used to line the bottoms of cages for puppies and kittens at animal shelters. So you can imagine how often the newspapers need to be changed. Ask your neighbors if can they save their newspapers, and at the end of each week, you can pick them up. This effortless gesture makes a big difference.

These ideas are not your typical interactive volunteer work, try being behind the scenes sometimes!