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Tips & Advice

Creativity for a Cause

By participating in many college fundraising tactics, I know how difficult it can be to come up with creative ways to raise money for a cause. While we did many traditional ways to raise money, our creative ventures showed the best results. Here are a few to consider for your cause:

Pump it Up: Contact a local gas station and set up a day to have volunteers serve as gas station attendants who pump gas and clean windshields for donations for a day. Be sure to follow the gas station’s rules and thank them when the event is over!

Bail Me Out: Handcuff two willing fundraisers and let them lose when they raise “bail.” This event should take place in a populated and busy area. Have the “bail” set at your goal amount for the day!

Go Door-to-Door: Take the time out to make flyers and go door-to-door in your neighborhood. The flyers should describe who you are, why they should donate to your cause, and your goal amount. If someone isn't home or doesn't answer; leave a flyer with either a phone or email address where they could contact you should they decide to donate.

Pocket Change: Never underestimate the power of a penny. Get permission from your school to place money collection jars at spots where your peers are most likely to notice, reach in their pocket, and get rid of the change. Don’t forget a small sign by each collection area so people know what they’re contributing to, and collect the donations daily.

Make a stand: Find a great location to set up your stand. If it is on a business lot, be sure to ask for their permission. Put up some posters and set out some flyers for people to pick up. Make sure to put out a donation box for people to place their money in.

Raffles: THINK BIG! To get people to want to buy your raffle tickets, contact into all your connections to find a high-value raffle prize that someone is willing to donate. The higher the value of the prize, the more you can sell the tickets for.

With these ideas, you can surpass your goal for your cause!