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Tips & Advice

All Helpful Eve

Its Halloween time, which means it’s time to get scary creative with some new ideas of how you can help around your community! I have come up with 5 ways you can help others have as much fun as you do/used to during Halloween this year!

  1. Costume Creation Party- This is a great way for you and your friends to get together and make costumes of your favorite super heroes, celebs, sports heroes, etc. and to donate your creations to your local goodwill. That way those who are less fortunate and do not have the means to buy or make the costumes are able to dress up like their favorite goblins, ghouls, or heroes that they desire too! You can also put up signs announcing that you have made a bunch of these different costumes available for pick-up first come, first serve.

  2. Candy Making Party- Get your friends and family together or partner with local churches or community outreach to make candy to donate to local neighborhoods in need!

  3. Host a Costume Donation- Put up fliers around the town asking people to donate their old costumes they don’t need to local goodwill or community outreach, to be used for next year.

  4. Free Halloween Party- Partner with your church to host a free Halloween party complete with different Halloween inspired games and candy that is donated by other members of the church! This is a great way to get those who don’t usually get out of the house during Halloween to come out and enjoy others company.

  5. Trick or Treating Party- Put fliers up around town letting people know that you and your parents will volunteer to take children trick or treating if their parents are unable to for some reason. Some parents have to work late and are unable to take their kids out trick or treating. This gives them a chance to go trick or treating with other kids their age instead of just sitting at home. This way everyone gets to trick or treat!

Halloween was one of my favorite nights back when I was younger, get out there and make this night special for others who aren’t fortunate enough to get the experience that you and I got to have!