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Tips & Advice

Preserving a Culture

Julia Chiriboga is the ambitious founder of Adonya Imports and The Heartful Giving Project. Both of her endeavors work to help expose the beautiful Ecuadorian culture.

A few years ago, Julia’s mom traveled to Ecuador to work in development. It was then that Julia’s mom began making connections with local artisans and telling Julia about them. After hearing about them for some time Julia began wanting to find ways to help, but she wasn’t sure she had the time to do so. Eventually though she said, “I was just like you know what? It’s time to just go for it.” She then started her company, Adonya Imports, which sells handmade jewelry on behalf of village artisans who have no real source of income other than what they earn accommodating the occasional groups of tourists. The remarkable part about the jewelry is how the artisans are able to take basic things like shells and seeds and transform them into gorgeous pieces of art. To check out the jewelry click this link and you can shop knowing you are making a difference.

One of Julia’s main goals is to help preserve the coastal Ecuadorian Culture. She says, “They are so eager for a place to pass on the culture, but they have been unsuccessful at fundraising for it.” Currently in the village of Sua, where she has placed her focus, an association of local artisans have been working out of a bungalow style building that they call Arte Natural. The only problem is that the structure is made out of weak materials such as bamboo and banana leaves that make it dangerously inadequate. With the help of funds earned by The Heartful Giving Project, Julia plans to remodel the Arte Natural so that it will become a thriving community center where village artisans can teach classes and continue on with their traditions.

In the future, Julia plans to expand The Heartful Giving Project beyond Ecuador, and she wants to shine a positive light on cultures worldwide. You can help make a difference with the The Heartful Giving Project by donating to the project or by buying a piece of unique, handcrafted, jewelry from Adonya Imports