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Shopping for a Cause

There are many ways you can help out and make the world a better place. VolunTEEN Nation, of course, is a perfect example of that! We work to make volunteering and doing good as easy as we can… but what if you could do good without doing anything? This is the goal that Zack Rosenberg hopes to achieve through an organization he started called DoGoodBuyUs.

The idea started from a simple trip to the supermarket. Zack was picking out cereal for his 3-year-old son and was very alarmed by the fact that some of these cereals had over 90 ingredients with names looked like a foreign language to him. Although it’s depressing that he even had to search for this, eventually he picked up a box of Paul Newman’s Own brand cereal. Four organic ingredients, with ALL profits going to charity; it was good for him, good for his son, and good for the world around him. 

This trip to the supermarket is what made Zack start DoGoodBuyUs, an organization whose mission is to connect everyday shoppers with amazing causes. Their website is an online shoppers dream, with all kinds of different awesome products. Best of all, each product shows exactly who you’re helping by buying the product (ranging from the Kenyan tribeswoman who made the bracelet you are about to buy, to eco friendly iPhone cases where the proceeds go to specialists in charitable e-recycling).

In January of this year, eMarketer said that 56% of online shoppers want items that give back, but 87% of people had no idea of how to find these items. When I asked Zack about the future of the organization he said they are still miles away from achieving their goal: “Think of all the problems that could be solved because of YOUR participation in buying the things you would buy anyway.” This is why we need to spread the word about DoGoodBuyUs!

Oh and, by the way, I wasn’t kidding about how cool some of these products are. I have been fighting the urge to pull out my credit card since I started researching for this blog post.

(You can start shopping and doing good right now at Zack even created a 10% off coupon for the first 20 of you that use the code: volunten)