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Tips & Advice

Make Your Mark

Aminah Williams and her best friend Jana Gamble started their own organization called Livingsweet.  This organization focuses on helping the community have healthier lives and encouraging people to become organ donors.  On July 18, 2012, she became an organ donor and also saved her father’s life and the organization began.  In order to become an organ donor, it is important that you are in good health due to the many tests that you have to take in order to donate.  This hopefully will produce a bigger community of living health donors along with improving the health of those who are in need of an organ. 

Aminah and Jana started Live2Give Festival “on a whim.” According to Aminah, they just “wanted to come up with a way that [could] celebrate nonprofit organizations that are doing wonderful things in the community.” Their first festival will be held in the Delmar Loop in St. Louis, Missouri.  They feel that the Delmar Loop is an area that “exemplifies a variety of culture and businesses.”  At this festival, they plan to inspire all ages to learn how to Live2Give.  They hope that their first festival will be a success to encourage people of all ages to give back. Also, they hope that this festival will happen again so that organizations can see the impact they are consistently making on their community.      


In October, their organization, Livingsweet, will also be having their Annual Weeks of Giving Back to STL.  In this movement they will be encouraging people of all ages to give back to the community every Friday for ten weeks.    

Aminah believes that when teens participate in community service, the world will be impacted.  As a result, the community will be better and the teen will feel accomplished and develop pride in themselves.  Together their organizations will encourage everybody to give back to their community while living healthier lives.  Having a healthier life may not only impact your life, but also the lives of people who need a healthy organ. Giving back to your community or to someone in need will have an unexplainable impact on your life.  Make your mark!