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A Very American Dream

A very American Dream. That's what started it all. Jessica Jeppsson, founder of the Pearl Connection, had a dream to own a little brick building. Within this building, Jessica wanted to sell clothes, accessories, and ties which are all American made. They are not imported from China, Taiwan, or Japan. Jessica wanted only truly American brands and manufacturers. 

Though, due to funds, this dream has not fully met its physical form but it has gotten a pretty impressive reputation. The Pearl Connection is an online store that only sells American made products. Starting in February (website starting in March) the site has over 17 different brands. A lot of these are also made from American grown materials like cotton. “My mission is necessary because a lot of our workforce is made up of manufacturing and when they go overseas those former employees are left out of work,” Jessica says. She also says that 1% spent on made in USA items over 200,000 jobs are created. In addition to that, for every dollar that is spent on made in the USA inventory $1.40 goes into the government as revenue. It is called the multiplier effect.

Jessica says, “I like to be able to say I'm an American, my clothes are made from Americans, and having that label gives you a sense of pride.” Jessica hopes to spread the pride into college campuses by hiring college reps. These reps must be outgoing, creative, and goal orientated because “our monthly goals are pretty big, so we need people who will be dedicated to the work.” Jessica says that through working with Pearl Connection and succeeding at these goals there will be chances at bonuses and being able to earn a little extra here and there through prizes.

As far as future plans go, Jessica is hoping that this company she has put together will grow bigger and bigger, expanding to some more items and a wider variety. She wants to be able to work on Pearl Connection full time. And if funds allow, she wants to see that little brick house go up as she had always dreamed. This wonderful company is doing its job by supporting the brands that keep the jobs here in the land of the free. If you want to check out some of their clothing or you are a college student looking for a job to the Pearl Connection's website. They have more to their back story and all of the American made clothes you will need.