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Tips & Advice

5 Simple and Fun Family Thanksgiving Service Projects

Is Thanksgiving your favorite holiday of the year? I know for me it is definitely one that I look forward to because of all the great food I get to enjoy with my family.  However, there are others who don’t get to have this experience due to insufficient funds or a lack of close family. Here are 5 great service projects that your family can participate in this Thanksgiving to assure that others are able to experience this magnificent holiday!

1. Rake leaves- With Fall comes a ton of leaves in need of raking.  Get your family together and go door to door helping people get their yards cleaned up for the holidays!

2. Host a Bake Sale- Get your closest family and relatives together before Thanksgiving to bring baked goods together and sell them.  Then donate the money to your local church or community outreach so that money can be given back to those who need it most during the holidays.

3. Thanksgiving Cook off- Invite your family friends or even the whole town to gather around to cook their best dishes.  Then partner with your local churches or community outreach in order to donate them to families who need them on Thanksgiving day! Be sure to host this event either the day before Thanksgiving or the day of so the dishes don’t go bad!

4. Make Cards- Something fun and easy for the whole family is making holiday cards. Make a lot of different Thanksgiving themed cards and then deliver them to hospitals around your community.

5. Volunteer- Volunteer your family to work at your local soup kitchen on Thanksgiving day.  This seems like a lot to do on a holiday, but helping others have a nice meal on Thanksgiving is also very important!

There are plenty of opportunities for your family to work as a team to help those who are less fortunate during the holidays. There is no better feeling than giving others a Thanksgiving experience that they haven’t been able to experience themselves in a long time, or sometimes even ever! Help others this Thanksgiving and I promise you won’t regret it.