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Tips & Advice

5 Easy Service Projects to Celebrate our Parks

The park is a fabulous place to visit, create memories, have fun, and spend time with family and friends.  But have you ever stopped to think about ways you can help out at the park?  Who helps keep the park beautiful?  Who helps keep the park clean?  Who helps organize special events at the park?  You can!  Volunteering at your park is something you can do to help make sure your park continues to be a place that people want to visit. 

Here are five ways you can help at your local park throughout the year.

1)     Keep our Parks CLEAN! Recycling, picking up trash, and cleaning up after your pet are great ways to help keep the park clean.  If your park does not already have recycling bins, then you can contact the parks and recreation department in your city to offer to help implement or maintain a recycling program.  Another way to help keep the park clean is to always remember to clean up after your pet!  A lot of parks have special events and can always use the extra volunteers to clean up after those special events. 

2)     You can help plant and maintain a flower garden at the park.  Perhaps you are interested in gardening and you might even have a “green thumb?” The park is a great place for you to share this special interest.  Before you begin a gardening project, you should contact the parks and recreation department to discuss your idea. 

3)     Many parks need help cleaning up tree limbs and debris after a big rain or strong winds.  This is something you and a group of volunteers can easily do. This is such an incredible way to help out at the park.

4)     Perhaps you are interested in helping with the playground equipment.  If so, you can offer to help build new playground equipment when new equipment is installed.  You could even help write a grant to earn money to buy new equipment.  You can also help maintain existing playground areas by making sure water and debris gets wiped off of the slides and swings after it rains.

5)     If you are a performer with an interest in concerts and special performances, then you can help plan an outdoor summer concert by contacting local artists to organize such an event.  You can market this event in many ways. You can begin by contacting your local newspaper, radio, and television stations to ask for their assistance. 

There are many other ways for you to get involved at your local park. All you have to do is contact the local parks and recreation department to discuss your ideas and ways you can get involved!