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Tips & Advice

Vacation for Good

The Martinez family, like most families, takes a vacation every summer. However, their vacation is far from typical. Zoey (8), Mia, (9), and Holden (17) spend their time out of town serving those less fortunate. To the Martinez family, volunteering in a new city is far more rewarding than laying on the beach or snorkeling. They believe that the best way to experience a new place is by working with locals to better the community.

“It was really just the idea of being able to help others while having fun on vacation. It made the vacation so much better,” Holden describes the inspiration for the Vacation for Good.

The family encourages other youth to get their families involved in service while on vacation. “Tell your parents what you would like to do and have them help you,” Mia explains. Before leaving for your destination search VolunTeen Nation to find volunteer opportunities near your vacation spot. Whether you want to take a few hours to serve others or check out multiple opportunities over the course of your vacation, there are plenty of options.

“When I first heard that my family was doing this vacation, I was actually not too excited. Then as the vacation went on it was the most fun time I have had on a vacation, and I was working! It was the craziest thing, and I'm so glad I go to do it,” Holden says. 

Vacation for Good focuses on community service, but there is also time for recreation. The Martinez family spends their days volunteering and their evenings enjoying local food and entertainment. “We eat lots of good food,” says Zoey.

This summer, the Zoey, Mia, Holden, and their parents intend on vacationing in the Southwest. To learn more about Vacation for good, check out the Facebook page.