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Tips & Advice

5 Steps to Becoming An Environmental Steward

Nature is all around you, and being an environmental steward is important because it helps preserve Earth for years to come. There are so many things you can do to help the environment. Don't know where to get started? Here are five easy, simple, and inexpensive environmental service projects you can do alone or with friends!

Organize a park clean up. I enjoy visiting parks because they provide a relaxing setting to appreciate nature. I hear the birds chirping overhead, kids laughing on the playground, and dogs chasing each other. Unfortunately, because a lot of people visit parks, there is often litter on the ground, especially on trails. Grab some friends and pick up the litter. To make it interesting, make it a competition. Divide up into teams and see which team can pick up the most trash. Every little bit counts!

Set up a recycling program in your school, house, or neighborhood. Recycling has many benefits. It involves removing materials, such as plastics, from landfills. These materials are then reused and conserved, which saves energy. Many communities and schools do not have recycling programs; however, it is easy to create one. Ask your school administration to place a recycling bin near a high traffic area like the cafeteria or library. Once it gets full, find a company that will take it to a recycling plant. There are some companies that do this pro bono.

Start a community garden. Community gardens are cool because they bring together communities and are fun to maintain. All you need are a few seeds, some water, and some land to plant on. Ask your school or city if they have land to set aside, and organize a schedule to make sure the garden is tended to as needed. My community has a community garden, and I love making new friends there. You would never realize how many of your friends have green thumbs!

Collect used cell phones. Cell phones have many chemicals in them that are detrimental to the environment, and they are often thrown away and end up in landfills. Set up a booth at school and collect them. Afterwards, talk to your school's waste management group to dispose of them properly or, better yet, recycle them!

Create a public service announcement. Fun and engaging videos are a great way to increase support on an issue. If you're feeling like a creative, direct a short video with your friends detailing the impacts of environmentalism. For instance, film a parody of littering at school - the funnier the better! This video can be shown at school or a community center. Be sure to use social media to promote the video.

With these simple ideas, you can make a positive impact on your environment!