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5 Community Service-Oriented Universities

In order to maintain a well-rounded student body, universities look for students with community service experience in high school and then encourage them to continue their volunteerism in college. This blog entry will spotlight 5 schools which excel in community service involvement within their specific communities.

Eastern Connecticut State University

Eastern Connecticut State University is located in Willimantic, CT and has over 100 community service clubs and organizations. They sponsor many service learning trips in Jamaica, Ghana, and Nepal, in which their students travel to these countries to participate in community outreach and help the citizens of these communities.

Tulane University

Located in New Orleans, LA, Tulane University was one of the first universities to have community service requirements as a part of curriculum. These volunteering requirements are connected to an academic class and encourage students to relate their majors and future careers to volunteerism. Tulane gives out scholarships to high school students who have shown a dedication to community outreach. Also, Tulane holds Outreach Tulane each year, an event which sends over 1000 undergraduate students to various sites to volunteer.

Stanford University

Stanford University in Stanford, CA, dedicates a large portion of their funding to community outreach through their Haas Center for Public Service. Stanford provides grants and fellowships to students who excel in community service. The University also reaches out to its own community in California to better the areas surrounding the school. Similar to Tulane University, Stanford has service-learning academic courses which connects academics and community outreach.

Augsburg College

In Minneapolis, MN, Augsburg College received a 2010 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll award for their work in community outreach. The Sabo Center for Citizenship and Learning encourages civic engagement and community service. One organization on campus is the Campus Kitchen, which provides healthy food to citizens of the surrounding community in Minneapolis. Similar to Tulane University and Stanford University, Augsburg has service-learning courses. On average, students spend 25 hours a semester working on community outreach programs.

Berea College

Berea College, located in Berea, KY, has numerous volunteering opportunities as well as service learning courses available to its students. Like Augsburg College, Berea College received the President’s Higher Education Community Service roll for four consecutive years. From 2003 to 2006, Berea College and five other colleges worked with Tulane University to expand their service-learning courses at their universities. Every year, 15 Berea students are selected for the Bonner Scholars Program, an organization which combines academic achievement with community service initiatives.