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Tips & Advice

Volunteer Virtually

Don’t have the time or transportation to volunteer in your community? Virtual opportunities allow you to make a difference without leaving your home.

Send Letters to Soldiers

Our military dedicates their lives to protecting our freedom, tell them you are thankful! Write a letter, draw a picture, do whatever you’re good so show them you care. For more guidelines and to find out where to send the letter visit the following the website

Help Fight Hunger While Studying is a website that allows people to fight hunger by playing educational games in a variety of subjects ranging from English vocabulary to geography, chemistry, a variety of other subjects including SAT preparation high school students getting ready to take the test. Every question you answer correctly will donate 10 grains of rice, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it easily adds up over time.  

Tutor Kids Online

If you love school and are great at explaining concepts to other students, then Tutor Chat Live is the perfect virtual volunteer option for you. Students from all over America rely on Tutor Chat. They are always in need of new volunteers. To get involved visit the website.

Promote Your Favorite Cause

Nonprofits always need people to help spread the word to get more people involved. By sharing your favorite organization’s pictures, posts, and events using social media you are helping them reach more people and grow.

Browse the Web Using Good Search 

Good Search is one of the easiest ways to make a difference; all you have to do is search the web. The search engine, powered by Yahoo! allows you to choose the cause you want to help. A portion of the profits from advertisements are donated to the cause of your choice. To start making a difference every time you search visit the website