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Tips & Advice

Interning With Non-Profit Organizations

An internship is commonly used as a way to get professional experience.  In a non-profit organization internships can be more beneficial than a paid internship. 

Often, there is more leeway for creativity rather than a routine that can’t be changed.  Therefore in addition to constantly learning new things, you learn how to better the skills that you already have.  Although, you still learn things on the way that will help you become more professional.  You also get to network with other people that have the same values as you.  Most people who have a non-profit organization have a passion for helping others and bettering the world rather than just making a profit.  This gives people like me, the best of both worlds, volunteering your time and getting professional experience that will better yourself. With this, you will create good references that can help you find your dream job or start your own organization.  It also shows your future employers and others that look at your resume what type of character you have.  The fact that you did an internship with the goal of getting professional experience and serving your community, rather than making money shows what motivates you.  Usually people have other jobs while having an internship which shows that they have time management skills that allowed them to do both.   The fact that you are being beneficial to someone else is motivation that all this work is worth it.  The same feelings are there that you receive when you do community service.

During my time in my internship I have learned a lot about myself that I may not have found out in a corporate paid internship.  I have found that my focus is more on helping people and gaining experience, rather than making a profit.  I have also been more motivated to finish every assignment as a way to motivate others to get out and volunteer because it’s worth it.