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Tips & Advice

Making A Difference On Your College Campus

Arriving on your college campus for the first time will be a really great experience. You’ve gotten your scholarships and all of your high school community service hours, but the time for service doesn’t end here! It’s important to stay involved through these four years as well, and what you do during this time period will really affect your life post-graduation. Here are four great ways to stay involved and make a difference on your campus!

1.    Join your school’s community service club. Almost all universities have them, and if not you could be the person to start one! These clubs make a huge impact on the communities surrounding them. It’s a great way to meet people and it will even help you explore the area around your new home.

2.    Find people in your dorm that will help organize collection of recyclables. This sounds like a little thing, but it can actually make a huge difference. Most schools do not have recycling bins outside of every dorm, so just think how many recyclables are getting thrown away because of this. Talk to your neighbors; agree to take recyclables for them if they don’t throw them away.
3.    Start attending student government meetings. If you’re interested in eventually running for student government, the best way to start as a freshman is to make yourself known! Go to meetings; introduce yourself to the older students that are involved. This is a great way to help make big changes at your university!
4.    Start getting involved with Residence Life. Being a resident assistant is another great way to make a difference at your school. In your first few weeks as a freshman you’ll see just how much your RA will help you out when you’re lost or have a problem. If you start to get involved with residence life you could be that person for the new freshman next year.