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Tips & Advice

5 Ways Youth Can Give Back Via Social Media

Social media is a great place to share your experiences with volunteering. Review these tips to get your friends excited about community service.

1. Promote: Not everyone has the same friends or followers. By sharing information about organizations, it allows for your friends to tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends, and so on. Pretty soon everyone will know about your great experience and will be able to give back the same way you did. With current technology ideas can be promoted and spread with ease.

2. Post Pictures: After volunteering at an event, upload your pictures to your social media page and show others how you gave back. This will provide an image for your friends to see what your work consisted of and how much fun you had. Sometimes, pictures provide a more significant description of service than words; it shows the setting, the people you interact with, and more.

3. Write a Blog: Writing a blog about something that you are passionate about can inspire others to get involved. You can blog about your experiences volunteering, give tips, or explain a cause that interests you. A blog is your own words, opinion, and thoughts; and your words could motivate someone to make a change in the world.

4. Post Resources on a Social Media page: Help others by posting resources that you may think will be beneficial to your friends. Whether it is job openings, volunteer opportunities, or tryouts for a sports team; everybody is always looking for something. Be the person that helps a friend out, you could even start a movement after one person found your postings beneficial. (Hint: Like our Facebook Page and share our resources with your friends!)

5. Give Uplifting Quotes: Do you have a quote that you live by or provides motivation? Post it, sometimes others need to hear what inspires you. Quotes come from experiences, and everyone has experienced something whether it was positive or negative. By posting daily, weekly, or monthly uplifting or inspiring quotes, it may connect with some of your friends, or if they are having a bad day, it may brighten their mood or inspire them.