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Tips & Advice

5 Ways to Remember 9/11

The events that occurred on 9/11/01 greatly shook America and will never be forgotten. Here are some easy, but powerful, service projects you can do in your community to honor the spirit of September 11th.

Honor your local police and fire department.

When the twin towers crashed the police and fire departments rushed to the scene while everyone else was running away. Any fire fighter and police officer would have done the same. Recognize the sacrifice and bravery of the first responders in your community by gathering a group of friends to make cards, write letters or even bake goodies and bring it to your local stations.

Host a Patriots Pledge Drive

If there is one thing that came out of the horror of 9/11, it’s a new found sense of patriotism for America. Arrange to have a blank banner set up at your school or someplace else in your community where people can come and sign their names as a pledge for patriotism. 

Thank the veterans in your community

Since the War on Terror started, thousands of soldiers have bravely fought to maintain our freedom and to prevent an attack like 9/11 from happening again. They’ve sacrificed so much and greatly deserve our recognition. Gather a group of friends and family to visit your local veteran’s center. They need your support so before going, call to arrange with the center to have a large group of veterans come.

Teach the younger kids in your community about 9/11

Many younger kids don’t understand what the events that occurred on 9/11 truly mean to our country. In an easy and gentle way teach them how the bad guys came and destroyed some buildings and then emphasize how America has been rebuilding ever since. Try to instill in them a sense of patriotism so that they grow up being proud of the country they live in.

Write letters to the soldiers who are fighting against terror

There are still soldiers out there fighting to make sure America remains a free country and will never have to face the terror of 9/11 again. An organization called For the Troops allows kids from all across the country to write letter to soldiers. This is a great way to make a difference in their lives and simply give them something to smile about in the midst of all the stress of war. If you are interested visit them here and get writing!