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Tips & Advice

Trash to Treasure

Have you ever considered your trash may be a treasure chest holding gold and emeralds?  We throw away things each day and don’t think twice about how we can reuse it as.  One way is to recycle but, reusing trash will allow benefits for the person and the environment: double whammy. 

When wine bottles are not recycled they can be reused as many different things.  If people from around the city collected wine bottles, they could be turned into a craft that children can use to make decorations or things to keep mosquitos away, or both.  To decorate, one could use old magazines and find pictures or quotes to put on the outside of the bottles.  The repellant would be home a remedy that works to keep things low budget.  After the finishing project you can give it as a gift or use the project in your own home.

 Instead of throwing away cardboard boxes, in a service project you can collect them.  After collecting them for a period of time, you can have fun with friends by building a fun “home” to hang out and play in. You could even make this a neighborhood event. You could sell the boxes and donate proceeds to local homeless shelters. 

Shampoo bottles and other plastic bottles are also commonly being thrown away.  They can be collected and recycled or reused to contain other substances.

As technology is changing many electronics are being moved to basements and attics to collect dust.  Instead, plan a technology drive that collects electronics of all types. Donate the used goods to places like Best Buy who can reuse them in other products or dispose of them properly.

T-shirts may wear and tear, but that doesn’t mean they belong in the garbage. Instead of letting these shirts lay in dumps, they can be used to make comfortable quilts.  These quilts can be colorful and you can show of the old logos or designs. 

These projects will inspire you rethink your “trash.”  With some creativity and hard work you’ll be able to benefit yourself and the environment.