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Tips & Advice

5 Service Projects for Children 5 and Under

Think there is an age limit to volunteering? Well, think again! Here are some of the many ways that even someone under five years of age can give back to their community!

1. Making Cards- This is an idea that is so simple, yet means so much.  Get a group of children together to make and color cards for many different organizations around your community.  You can make cards for first responders, such as local police, fireman, and hospitals.  Or you could even make “get well soon” cards for sick patients in hospitals.

2. Donating Old Toys- Gather up all of the toys that your child, brother, or sister doesn’t play with (Be sure to ask permission first of course!) and donate them to a local good will or Salvation Army.

3. Holiday Caroling- During the Holidays there is nothing cuter than young children singing holiday songs.  Get a group together and go around to local hospitals or Adult Day Care Centers and ask if they can sing a few songs for any willing listeners.  The elderly really enjoy company and especially children and would most likely love the gesture.

4. Search for small change- Children at this age love looking for things.  Let them run around the house looking for spare change to save up and donate or use to buy canned goods you can then give to your local food pantry. This is a very safe and easy way to get your child/brother/sister involved.

5. Lemonade Stand- A classic yet affective way to raise money is a lemonade stand. Let the children work a lemonade stand at the entrance of your neighborhood or in a public place and then donate the money earned to a local charity.

These are 5 ways that a child even as young as five can contribute and give back to their community. No person is too young to start volunteering!