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Tips & Advice

Five Ways Your Sports Team Can Give Back to the Community

Do you play on a sports team? Love to get involved with the community?  Then take your commitment for the game you love from the field to the community and give back! Here are five ways that your team can get involved today!

Put on a clinic for children with special needs.  This is a great way for your team to teach others who may not have the chance to play organized sports the rules and ways of your particular sport. 

Organize a free healthy living day with your local YMCA.  Contact one of your local YMCA organizations and ask them to partner with your sports team to organize a day filled with fun games, sports contests, and good memories! This is a great way to interact with the children from the community that are looking for fun and active things to do this summer.

Arrange a Trophy Drive.  Another way to give back to the community would be to host a trophy drive where anyone can donate their old trophies, which would then be given to children with special needs.  When growing up there is nothing better than receiving a trophy. You can spread that feeling by giving your old trophies to those with special needs!

Plan a Costume Game. A costume game is when your sports team dresses up in any costume of their choice, and then plays a game.  The idea of the event is to get children who are thinking about playing a sport to come and join to get them interested in playing.  This will show them that playing sports is fun, while sharing a laugh about the silly costumes that everyone is wearing.  There can be an award for craziest costume at the end of the event.

Organize a carwash or food drive.  This is a big way that you can give back to the community and it is as easy as creating flyers to put around town encouraging everyone to bring canned goods that your team can donate to the local food pantry.  You can collect the cans at your next game! Another event would be to organize a car wash and then donate that money to a local charity!

If you have ever wondered if your team is doing enough off the field, then it is time to take action today!