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Tips & Advice

Creative Independence Day Service Projects

July 4th is an awesome day of fun festivities. It is a day when you can relax and celebrate American independence. Volunteerism is an important value in America, so what better day to volunteer than July 4th? See what you can do to help your community!

1.     Play patriotic music at an assisted living center.

Are you good at music? Do you want to share your talent with others? This is a great way to help enrich the lives of people who do not get to go out and enjoy the 4th of July. Grab a group of your friends and orchestrate a performance for seniors at an assisted living home. You can play music like "This Land Is My Land" or "Yankee Doodle".

 2.     Sell cupcakes to raise money for soldiers.

The 4th of July is a time to be patriotic and appreciate America. The United States Armed Forces sacrifices so much to make sure we are safe and secure in America. Try baking and selling some patriotic cupcakes with red, white, and blue icing because everyone has a sweet tooth. Afterwards, donate your proceeds to reputable organizations that assist soldiers like the USO.

3.     Organize a safety clinic for young kids.

While fireworks and sparklers are a lot of fun to play with, they are often mishandled. As a result, hundreds of accidents happen on July 4th. For instance, fireworks may go off too close to bystanders, or someone might burn themself while holding sparklers. Why not teach people how to be safe on the July 4th? Contact your city or even your neighborhood office to see if you can help with such initiative

 4.     Clean up firework shells and sparklers dropped at parks.

After all the fun is over, there is tons of litter left from the fireworks. This litter ends up in the grass, and if it rains the next day, it goes into the watersheds. Go to your local park and organize a cleanup effort. It may seem daunting alone, but more hands do more work.

5.     Hold a canned food drive of patriotic food.

Many people have cookouts and fun gatherings during July 4th. A lot of this food does not get used. From beans to pulled pork, this food is often times wasted. Instead, it can go to people who are hungry and cannot afford to eat. Get a box and talk to your neighbors about collecting unused cans. Or, if possible, try talking to community organizations or shops to see if people can drop off food there.

These volunteer opportunities are a lot of fun, especially if they are done with your friends! You will feel better at the end of the day because you will have helped your community. So what are waiting for? Get out there and show the world why you are proud to be an American.