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Tips & Advice

Help A Senior Citizen

There are currently more senior citizens, those 65 and older, than ever in history.  Often time, senior citizens end up in nursing homes because their families do not have the ability to take care of them.  Although their family may come and visit, it is probably not possible that they are able to come every day.  Have you ever thought of going to visit a nursing home to keep seniors company? 

I’m sure that they would appreciate some company even if they do not know you.  Giving senior citizens a couple hours of your time, maybe once a week, is not that much, but it would mean a lot.

If you have no way to get to a nursing home, there is probably a senior citizen right in your neighborhood.  Ask your parents whether they know of a senior citizen who could use some company. Your parent may enjoy going with you to visit them.  Senior citizens in your neighborhood might not need as much attention as someone in a nursing home, but your companionship will be appreciated.

During seasons like winter and fall, yard work may be helpful, like shoveling snow or raking their leaves.  Although it is always a nice gesture, ask them before you choose to do yard work for them.  Start a relationship with them; seniors have the great stories about their experiences in life, so ask them questions to get to know them better. They will appreciate your curiosity.

Do you like baking?  Maybe bake some cookies or a cake to give to a neighboring senior citizen, or offer to bake with them. 

Another helpful task is to help them prepare for an emergency. Put together useful items, such as bottles of water and flashlights.  If the seniors don’t have essential items in case of emergency, offer to help them purchase them.  It’s the little things, such as accompanying a senior citizen, that make such a big difference in communities.