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Hey you! Yes, you! Ever imagined creating your own virtual pet? Ever played Neopets, Tamagotchi, or Sims and wondered how they worked? Looking for something fun and productive to do over the summer? Here’s your chance!

My name’s Haohang, and my partner-in-crime, Smitha, and I are crazy about computers. We want to show you just how amazing, powerful, and most importantly, how fun technology can be by inviting you to Washington University in St. Louis for the first incarnation of GLiTCH

GLiTCH, Girls Leading in Technology to Change Humanity, is the newest summer opportunity for middle school girls excited about the technology of the future. For one week, 20 girls will learn to use the nationally-lauded animation programming tool, Looking Glass, from the scientists who developed it. GLiTCHers will spend the week designing and creating a digital pet while exploring the basic concepts of programming. We’ll use real computer science lingo, like “objects” and “methods”, and learn how these simple constructs can be found in everyday technology.

But we’ll also get to see that programming isn’t just for guys, geeks, and gamers. Every lunch is a chance to talk with local women with professions in information technology or computing related fields. During the week, we’ll speak with inventors using computers in industries from aircraft to artificial intelligence to prosthetics. We’ll hear about the revolutionizing of biology with developing technology. We’ll even take a field trip to real labs at WashU and see just what sort of cutting-edge research is happening right here in St. Louis!

“Wait,” you may say. “All of this sounds neat and everything, but why should I spend a week of my precious summer learning things?” Well, besides the designing and programming, GLiTCH is a fantastic opportunity to meet the coolest girls around, who are just as passionate and excited as you are. You’ll walk away from summer with a whole cache of new knowledge, a supportive network of new friends and connections, and incredible new opportunities for being a GLiTCHer.

So, what do virtual pets, computers, and the most amazing girls around have in common? They’ll all be at GLiTCH—and you should be too! For questions or more information, check out our website at