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Global Youth Service Day

The millennial generation is known as one of the most civically engaged generations, ever. This can be seen on the emphasis schools have in community service, and the wide availability of service learning trips through various organizations. The millennial’s are redefining what it means to be a global citizen by participating in civic engagement. With so many things to do in our daily lives, it can be easy to get lost. How can we give back to the communities, when there are so many things to get done? No need to worry. For the community service minded youth, there is a weekend devoted specifically for you. Global Youth Service Day is from April 26-28, and it is devoted to connecting youth from around the globe, to local service projects, and to other service minded youth.

Imagine a tree planting, or building a shelter for the homeless, or working in a soup kitchen, all youth from a local community, coming together to make their home a better place. Now multiply that by over 100 countries and you have Global Youth Service Day. Millions of youth unite, making their communities a better place to live in, and letting their voices be heard. No project is too small, and no effort goes unnoticed.

Your project can be anything. This event is for youth, by youth! Charles Orgbon serves on the Youth Council for Youth Service America (YSA), which oversees  Global Youth Service Day, in the USA, as well as encouraging the participation from other countries. His role in Global youth Service Day is making sure this global event is as successful, as it is impactful. He makes sure that all grade levels participate, as well as local communities and community based organizations. Of course, there might be some financial needs that arise, and YSA focuses on giving out millions of dollars in order for community based organizations to plan events during Global Youth Service Day. Charles has worked with YSA for the past three years, and every year, the projects and magnitude of the event has increased. He has the opportunity to see events planned all over the USA, each one unique to the community they are held in.  He sees which issues are prevalent to a community, and how youth choose to tackle those issues through their service projects.

Sean Russell, also works closely with YSA, and experienced a lot of the behind the scenes work that goes into making this global event a success. Sean is no stranger to starting community projects, as his organization, the Stow It Don’t Throw it project ( has educated many on the affects of marine debris, and ways to help solve these issues. His work with YSA has introduced him to different organizations, schools, and other groups. Sean utilizes and encourages the use of Social media in local community projects, so that everyone can see they are not alone in their efforts. He sees this as an innovative way to get involved in ones community, and act as solutions that others can follow.

Want to be part of a global movement, without having to leave your town or city? Do you have a project of your own that you want others in your local community to participate in? Go to, and register your project.

If you don’t have any projects, but still want to be part of GYSD, open up the map (, and see all the different projects worldwide. In the USA, there are 871 projects planned for GYSD, all looking for youth to get involved.

Global Youth Service Day is the day to get involved in your local city or town for those who have been wanting to, but have never been given the opportunity to. Global Youth service Day is the time to tackle on the issues we come in contact with everyday, and become solutions for them. Global Youth Service Day is the day to be part of a global network.  Global Youth Service Day is the day that youth, anywhere and everywhere, can make change happen on a global scale.

So gather your friends, make plans to get involved on April 26-28, and share your projects online. Need more resources? Visit for more information.