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In Between Dreams

Tim Hwang, a junior at Princeton University, is no stranger to community work. His passion and commitment was visible from the age of 14, when he founded a national non-profit called Operation Fly Inc., to deliver basic necessities to those in need. “Leadership to me isn't about any title or influence; rather its about serving other people by providing guidance in any way that solves problems and finds solutions,” says Hwang. Returning from a trip to Guatemala and perturbed by the lack of resources available to some people, Tim began his work on Operation Fly and sparked his journey into the field of entrepreneurship. The impact of this journey and the where it has brought Tim today, is nothing short of incredible.

He is currently the acting president of the National Youth Association, an organization that seeks to advance the issues of young Americans in Washington and beyond. “We advocate for young people on a range of issues from unemployment to education reform to even health-related issues that young people are facing,” explains Tim. He elaborates on his success strategy, claiming that to keep his 750,000 membership engaged, he pledges to deliver tangible results and marked improvements in the quality of life for the youth. Success can be manifested through legislative reforms or direct initiatives by the youth. Additionally this year, Tim plans to launch a range of financial products that will afford young individuals tools tailored to their financial needs.

In addition, Tim is writing a book entitled “In Between Dreams”, which looks at many of the economic hardships that young people face today. He touches on the challenges of youth employment and how he wants to transform the model with entrepreneurship and economic reform. “I hope that my book drives the conversation around youth unemployment among youth, policy makers, and Corporate America to take action on these issues,” says Tim.

Tim claims his father to be his role model, stating that his father immigrated when he was still a student for the purpose of finding new hope and new opportunity. “I hope to take that same drive for opportunity and use it to catalyze action for myself and for others,” he says proudly. For teens, his biggest advice is to find out what you’re passionate about and fix a problem around that passion. “Finding something you’re passionate about can be the best way to make a huge difference in the world,” explains Tim. For Tim, his journey is only starting. To learn more about the NYA and how you can get involved, visit the website at: