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Tips & Advice

5 Ways to Promote Your Service Project

It just so happens that you have come up with an idea for an awesome service project. You’ve got your friends, you’ve got your gear, and you’ve got the date picked out. And now you’re left with the question, how do I get the word out? Well, here are the five easiest ways to get the word out about your project and get your community involved.

1.     Social Media Posting

This has to be the easiest way to go about it. Create an event on your Facebook and invite everyone on your friend’s list. Whether they live near you or not, they’ll get some information about your service and can recommend the event to other friends. Make sure that the event page is appropriate and public, with a clever title, to attract attention and passion from your community. And then, get to tweeting. Try to tweet at organizations that would be interested in your service event and would want to support your cause. All it takes is a little research.

 2.     Community Boards

All of our communities have areas where they post flyers, brochures, and general information. Create a flyer on your computer and print off a handful. Then head to a local grocery store, Starbucks, or other place where you know a community board is. Post your flyer according to whatever regulations the shop might have towards it’s community board, and if possible, leave some extra flyers for people to take information.

 3.     Hand-made Flyers

You may not realize how many interested people you might have in your neighborhood. So bust out some craft supplies, markers, poster board, what have you and make some eye-catching flyers. Make sure to give all the information about the event, like time and place, and post some flyers throughout your neighborhood.

 4.     Recruit Your Parents

Ask your parents to hand out some of your flyers at their places of business or to their friends who might have some interest in your service project.

 5.     Newspaper Posting

Although they may seem old and outdated, a lot of people in your community may still read the local paper. Write up an entry describing your service project, and talk with your parents to get it posted in the paper. That way it will reach people throughout your community and bring a lot of helpers.