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There has been talk of broadcasting in your backyards. Have you heard it yet? Child Rescue Organization is starting Backyard Broadcast to lead to the abolishment of sex trafficking of minors in America. 

Nick Larsen, one of the heads of the Child Rescue Organization, found a deep commitment towards the issue of child trafficking when he learned the full story regarding his sister-in-law’s experience with trafficking. This was an issue that continued throughout generations of her family. “Through her we realized that no matter how many odds are stacked against these kids who already are being hurt and abused, there is no such thing as throw-away kids and they do deserve our help,” Nick said.

“As I learned more about trafficking and heard the success stories of survivors, it hit me light a bolt of lightning. I needed to do whatever I could to stop trafficking, and more specifically, to prevent it from happening in the first place,” Nick said. The passion sparked in him sparked in high school Station Chiefs throughout the country as well. Heather, a Station Chief, was hesitant about getting involved at first. “The sexual exploitation of children is hard to comprehend. When I first learned about the extent of these crimes and realized not only was child trafficking going on in the United States, but in my own state, I was shocked,” Heather said.

The Backyard Broadcast has three main goals it hopes to accomplish; one, starting a youth resistance movement; two, start law enforcement training; and three, to get laws reformed. The Backyard Broadcast hopes to have youth that are leading the abolishment of child sex trafficking in America, assist our law enforcement with the training and tools needed to identify and prosecute cases of child sex trafficking, and to change laws to punish the ones responsible for abuse.

So how can you get involved? “You can start to become aware and educated about the issues. You can join Backyard Broadcast and spread the word through Facebook, the Backyard Broadcast web site, and Twitter,” Heather said. 

“The thing I would love to see anyone who gets involved with Backyard Broadcast to get out if it is the self-motivated belief that you can make a difference in this world if you choose to. You have everything it takes to make this world a better place for everyone,” Nick said. 

Find out more about Child Rescue Organization and join Backyard Broadcast.