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Tips & Advice

Good and Ready

There are many things in life that we can see far in advance. Disasters, on the other hand, are spontaneous. They can arrive at any time and destroy communities both physically and emotionally.  Though we cannot expect the unexpected, there is no limit to how much we can learn on proper preparation for emergencies.

The Good and Ready Campaign understands the effects of disasters and strives to educate citizens on emergency preparedness. A yearlong initiative, the campaign is powered by technology and hopes to use the online medium to create real-life change. The campaign is spurred by the national service organization Points of Light in affiliation with, the American Red Cross, and the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes. All groups share a mission to keep people safe in the face of disaster.

In addition to spreading awareness, the campaign teaches individuals how to make in-home and in-community disaster readiness kits that can be used anywhere from schools to senior centers. In addition, the campaign provides specific techniques on how to help neighbors and others with disaster response and recovery.

 With September being the national preparedness month, The Campaign uses the month to highlight ways in which individuals can engage in preparedness activities. Good and Ready is looking for teens especially to be role models in their community and relay the crucial information to others. How can you get involved?

-Get Trained: Reach out to a local American Red Cross Chapter or Community Emergency Response Team to sign up for a preparedness training

-Visit the Website: Visit to view the progress of the Good and Ready Campaign and interactive ways to get involved

-Get Prepared: Visit, and for templates to build a family plan, build a preparedness kit, or download additional preparedness information

In addition, the campaign is holding a National Day of Service on September 11thand various other exciting events throughout September. Keep on the lookout by visiting the website! You have the power to teach and lead by example! The knowledge of emergency preparedness is one of the most valuable things to have. Volunteer and make a difference today!