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Tips & Advice

Scholarships for Service

With the start of school, many seniors are preparing for the inevitable: the taxing college application process. The steps to choosing a perfect college seem daunting: finding the right location, discovering a promising culture, and of course, finding scholarships.

For youth involved in service, there is good news! Many possibilities are open in terms of financial support and scholarships for degree-seeking philanthropists. Here are some steps to ensure you can reap the benefits of your big heart:

1. Volunteen Nation Scholarship Page – Volunteen Nation is dedicating to inspiring and supporting service-oriented youth. With its frequently updated scholarship page, Volunteen connects its followers to a plethora of service-themed scholarship resources from organizations, corporations and individuals. It’s available for anybody to use and of course, has beneficial results.

2. Guidance Counselors – High School Guidance counselors are there to guide you through college applications, provide emotional support, and help sell you to your preferred college. They are knowledgeable on hundreds of college-related resources, including scholarships. Guidance counselors may also know of programs where they can nominate excellent students for awards and recognition. Connecting with a guidance counselor can help put you on track and it will help them remember you better.

3. Special College Programs – Many colleges have programs specifically designed for service-oriented individuals. Before applying, check with the college as to whether they have groups or initiatives catering to service. The Danforth Scholars, at the Washington University of St. Louis, honors students who embrace selflessness and commit to the community. Not only are many of these programs connected to scholarships, but they also allow you to meet other individuals interested in service and make the most out of what you love.

4. Corporate Awards – Corporations such as Toyota, Kohl’s, Coca Cola, and Dell are on the list of many businesses nationwide that support community betterment and service. With a larger scope than most, corporations give out hundreds of scholarships a year to help ambitious and passionate teens achieve their dreams. Next time you go shopping, ask a manager if they participate in similar initiatives.

5. Google – Your best friend at the end of the day is the Internet. Are you passionate about something in particular? Environmentalism? Poverty? Specialized scholarships are available all over the web sponsored by foundations that are passionate about social issues just like you. A click of a mouse will give you the opportunity to apply to many scholarships: a reward for your burgeoning desire to change the world.

Students spend four years garnering piles of accolades to cram into their common application. For teens that contribute time to doing good, the bottom line is passion and community involvement can go a long way for college admissions. “Commitment”, ”passionate”, and “dedication” are three words that college admissions officers love to see in applications; Stay committed to your community, be passionate about what you do every day, and allow yourself to be continually inspired! To quote the old adage, “Do What you Love and Money Will Follow”.