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Let’s face it: we all like to eat. I’m sure you can remember a time when you’ve gotten really hungry, either during class or after getting home from school, a sporting event, or other activity and have wondered what was going to be served for your next meal. Imagine if you were one of the people living below the poverty line and wondered what was going to be served at your next meal, or if you were even going to get a meal. 

One out of six Americans go hungry on a daily basis. At the same time, millions of restaurants and cafes contribute to a food waste problem that amounts to thirty million tons of wasted food per year. Thirty million tons? That’s a lot of food – and I’m sure you’re wondering how that much food goes wasted when so many people are hungry and living in poverty.  

Sixteen year olds Natasha and Siena were amazed (not in a good way) with the amounts of wasted food. They created the organization FoodSync to help bridge the gap between food waste and the problem of hunger. With the help of friends and family, they began collecting food from two local bakeries and delivered it to several different shelters and intergenerational programs.  I interviewed the girls and asked them why they decided to create an organization based on hunger issues and if they had plans to expand.  

“We have noticed the drastic differences between our own suburban community and some of the urban communities just minutes away from us. While most people where we live don't have to struggle each day to provide food for their families, many of those who live close to us do,” said Natasha and Siena. “We have also seen large amounts of food being wasted each day by local restaurants, bakeries, and cafes; food that we know people near us can benefit from.”

“Eventually we would love to expand across the country, and we hope that our program can impact as many people in need as possible,” said the girls. “Our upcoming website,, which will virtually connect those in need with donors based on location, will be instrumental in our program's growth and impact.”

Teens can definitely get involved with FoodSync! “This coming school year, we will be creating clubs at our schools which will gather teens with an interest in fighting hunger. They will be able to help with transportation and social awareness,” said Siena and Natasha. “Teens from other communities can also join the cause by starting their own food recovery programs as an extension of FoodSync. Donations made over our website will be used in the expansion of our impact.”

Stay tuned for FoodSync’s upcoming website. In the meantime, you can You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video.

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