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Tips & Advice

My Experience as a Volunteen Intern

I decided to intern with Volunteen Nation because I was looking for something to do. I had no idea what to expect; I was just looking for a way to keep myself from getting the summer blues. Five weeks into my internship, I now know what to expect. I know what the workload is and how to get it done on deadline.

I also know a little more about myself. For me, working with Volunteen has confirmed for me that I am meant to be a storyteller. While I loved being a writer for my high school newspaper, I could never figure out for sure whether I loved journalism enough to make a career out of it. With Volunteen, I have been given several opportunities to talk to other volunteers and share their stories. This has reinforced to me how much I love journalism, and everyday, I put more and more consideration into making it my life’s work. While I am still undecided, I can easily see myself talking to people and telling stories for the rest of my life.

These stories have also inspired me. Working with Volunteen, I have learned about all different kinds of people working together to make this world a better place. From students in Chicago selling bracelets to build orphanages to groups in Hawaii working to preserve the natural environment, I have learned about volunteers all across the U.S. Teens are generally perceived as lazy, foul-mouthed miscreants, but with Volunteen, I learn everyday about teens working out of the goodness of their hearts to help others. This makes me hopeful for my generation and for the future.

Had I not been a Volunteen intern, I would have quite possibly turned into one of those stereotyped lazy teens this summer. Instead, I get to spend my summer encouraging and promoting volunteering to other youth. I get to be a storyteller. I get to be inspired and motivated by other teen volunteers across the nation, and I certainly have not been suffering from the summer blues.

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