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Tips & Advice

Small Acts of Kindness

When I initially decided that I wanted to spend some of my own time volunteering I wasn’t quite sure what impact it would have on me and just how beneficial it would be. However after I started volunteering so much, I learned a lot about myself and about others too, I developed listening skills and learned how to take on board other people’s views and ideas. I enjoy working alone and completing tasks independently, but after volunteering in my city I adapted to working in a team really well. It taught me that it is necessary to work with other people and it is important to listen and understand the views others hold in order to find success.

After taking the initial step and getting involved with charity work and raising money for third world countries, I realized that I became aware of current affairs and ongoing tragedies that required volunteers. I soon developed a passion and very quickly decided that I wanted to get my school involved in more events so I put myself forward as a charitable events organizer. It has enabled me to discover the drive I have developed for helping others. Now, I want to encourage friends and others to get involved in events and put forward their ideas that could potentially improve the lives of others.

I think most importantly it’s essential to find a balance, as well as studying hard and striving for your future wholeheartedly, it’s very important to be aware of worldly affairs and find a non-academic passion. Personally I think I have found this innate desire to get other people involved and make them aware of how other people are suffering in less economically developed countries. It’s amazing how just how doing the simplest acts, such as holding events at school, can mean a substantial amount to others in need.

Finally, I think the most cherished thing I have learned from volunteering is how I love doing it. I find myself looking for more opportunities and speaking to people about ways to help. This spark of confidence is due to taking that initial step out of my comfort zone and volunteering with organizations that work for a cause much bigger than I can imagine.