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Tips & Advice

Do gooders, not delinquents

Organizations should consider teen volunteers because teens care. I know, America's youth are stereotyped as disrespectful delinquents, but this is not the case. Many young people care about their world and notice the problems in it. Teens want to fix these problems, but they don't know how. Volunteering is a great way to do this.

In fact, the teens who do fit the stereotype are often the ones who most need to volunteer. If organizations have them something proactive to do and find passion in, maybe the delinquent stereotype would go away. Thus, having teens volunteer is doing twice the good. The teens are helping others and themselves at the same time.

However, as teens grow up, they become apathetic about volunteering. They may still want to help, but they are caught up in careers, kids and other obligations. It is important for organizations to encourage people to volunteer while they are young, and they have time and incentive. That way, young people may continue to volunteer into adulthood. It is much easier to start volunteering as teen and continue doing it as an adult than start volunteering as an adult having never done it before.

Teens are passionate about and want to solve problems in their communities, and it is time for organizations to give them this chance. If teens are given the chance to volunteer, the adults of the world might be surprised at how this volunteering changes the community and the teens themselves. Maybe a teen's passion can even reignite the passion for helping others that is found in all of us.