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Tips & Advice

Giving Back Virtually

We all get busy, it’s how life goes, whether it’s in the summer or during the school year. But lately, I have found some pretty awesome ways to give back virtually, without ever leaving my laptop. 

One of the first, and most awesome, sites that I found was Right when I got to the homepage, I immediately started playing a vocabulary game. I’ve always been a sucker for vocabulary, being an English major and whatnot. I was immediately drawn in, hoping for a correct answer every time, and before I knew it, twenty minutes had passed. And in those twenty minutes, I had donated over 410 grains of rice to a child in need. For free. While basically playing a game. And it felt great to have accomplished that. I could sit around in my pajamas after a long day and still find a way to make a difference in someone’s life. 

Then I started looking at some different sites. caught my attention. I bought a shirt for only 14.99 and it had a cool saying on it, “Don’t Be a Slacktavist.” And with that purchase, I donated 30 meals to more children in need. 

It is great to find sites that spread their message and help those less fortunate than myself. So get on these sites today! Play some games, send some free rice or meals, and make a change without ever leaving your laptop.