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Tips & Advice

Find Your Inspiration

Service isn’t something that just becomes important to a person overnight. We’ve all gotten the bland lectures that service is an important activity to participate in, if only to build yourself up on a college application. Not only is that the wrong reason to be involved, advice like that is better used as a cure for insomnia rather than being inspired to get out and do things. You have to truly be motivated to make service an important part of your life. For me, my family showed me from the start just how important service was for the community and for myself.

It’s easy to see that service is important on both sides of my family - you would have some real difficulty finding someone who is content to just sit twiddling their thumbs. My extended family is made up of firemen, doctors, Salvation Army employees, military, and many people that are content as long as they are helping others. My paternal grandfather, a marine, taught that we weren’t here just to breathe the air and take up space - each and everyone of us is here to make a positive impact. It’s a lesson that has stuck with me though Grandpa Billy, who passed away many years ago - I need to do something positive with my life. 

To get the most out of service, find something that inspires you and fits who you are. If you’re great with your hands, work with organizations that help to rebuild or build homes, such as Habitat for Humanity. If your thumb is particularly green, start an initiative to plant gardens or trees in your area. It’s all what you make of it. Personally, I know many people that have been affected by cancer, so I work very closely with Relay for Life. Because I’m a writer, I also hope to reach out to people through the written word - just like I’m doing right now. Find your inspiration - and then get out there and start making your positive impact.