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Tips & Advice

Reasons to Volunteer are Endless

As a 17-year-old, a youth of today, I think the importance and reasons to volunteer are endless. It’s fairly obvious to say that with the advances in technology, youth seem so occupied and choose to spend their time by trying to beat their highest score on Temple Run!

Volunteering is a way of showing that as youth we ‘can’ be selfless and that we care about others. Many might say that with school work and exams there isn’t time to volunteer, but surely If they are planning for the future, it’s important to realize that they must be more than academically smart, but also confident in other skills. Volunteering includes a wide spectrum of opportunities, and by taking part you can develop skills that are also beneficial in the work force. Many employers will take a look at other achievements aside from academic ones.

Possibly the most important reason to volunteer is to understand that it will benefit others. We all need reminding that there is always someone worse off than ourselves. If we spend even just a couple hours on a Saturday morning raising money for the victims of the Indonesian earthquake that caused devastation earlier this week, the results of the effort will resonate around the world. Whether the money goes towards feeding a family that has not eaten for days or providing them with means of shelter as their home was destroyed in the quake, knowing that you have helped someone is extremely satisfying.

Youth need to understand that there’s far more to life than them. If we can’t recognize the cries for help from those living in less economically developed countries and in poverty, how can we possibly expect society to progress? It’s important to educate the youth of today so more start volunteering and help those who need it. Although natural disasters our out of our control, we all should get involved and do our part to help decrease the extent of devastation.

Youth need to volunteer because it’s important to be more aware of problems around the world; youth need to understand that even small amounts of time can provide hope for a future to minimize the amount of poverty, injustice and inequality in our world.